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Aluminium Casting Heater

This Heater can be manufactured in STRIP TYPE & BAND TYPE.

Aluminum Cast Heaters offer a high quality and efficient method of heating and controlling Extruders, Compression Molding Platens, Heat Sealers, Vacuum Forming Platens. All Aluminum Cast Band Heaters are customized. The Tubular Heating element is embedded in the Aluminum Cast Band Heater & machining is to be done to get the required size.

Cast Alluminium is utilized for uniform heat distribution for consistency of heat and higher efficiency. Thermal conductivity of Alluminium allows precies uniform temperature on the component surface, elevating hot or cold spot that may affect equipment performance.It consist of tabular heater which is recognized for reliability, strength and adaptability.


Types of Cast Heaters

Air Cool Cast Alu Heater
Water Cooling Cast Heaters
L and U shaped Cast Heaters


  • Finds wide application in extruders, lamination plant, injection moulding, extrusion die heads and different types of machinery
  • Can be customized for variety of thermal option


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Accurate control of temperature