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High Density Cartridge Heaters

We have successfully supplied heaters for more than Manufacturer machines for Plastic & Rubber Industries like Injection & Blow Molding Machines, different types of Extruder machines and for many more heater applications and the number is increasing rapidly.

Primarily used in moulds, dies & sealing bars, this Cartridge Heating Element fit snug inside a cavity and helps heat solids by reaching high temperatures. High Density Cartridge Heater has the versatility of being able to carry thermocouple inside to help control temperatures of the heater more accurately. Various diameters allow for the Cartridge Heating Element to be used in any cavity and can be custom designed with any cold section. Lead wires extend from the end to your controls.

High Density Cartridge Heater distinguishes itself by its high compression and therefore especially efficient heat emission.

Technical Specifications

Outer Sheath Material Stainless Steel 304, welded end disc washer of same material, maximum operating temperature 750°C. Sheath can be ground for precision tolerance.
Heating Counductor NiCr 80:20
Power Tolerance +10%
Voltage 12 volts to 440 volts
Leakage current<5mA
High Voltage 800 volts
Surface Loading Upto 50 watts/cm2

Features Low Density Medium Density High Density
Max Surface load 4W/Sq. cm 12W/Sq. cm 25W/Sq. cm
Wattage tolerance ±10% ±10% ±10%
Standard dia range 8mm to 40mm 8mm to 20mm 3mm to 25.4mm
Diameter tolerance -0.1mm -0.1mm -0.02mm to 0.06mm
Standard length Minimum 50mm Minimum 50mm Minimum 25mm
Length tolerance ±1.5%, min ±2mm ±1.5%, min ±2mm ±1.5%, min ±1mm
Max sheath temp 400℃ 650℃ 750℃


  • High watt density design.
  • Fast heat transfer efficiency.
  • High dielectic strength.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • High thermal conductivity and uniform heating due to swaging.


  • Injection Moulds
  • Dies
  • Hot Plates and Platens.